Remove Judge Gallen



Unfortunately, many judges in Florida foreclosure courts are biased in favor of the banks. However some judges–like Judge Gallen in Florida District Court 12–always support the bank position in foreclosure cases, a flagrant act of court corruption. Right now, many senior judges across the state are up for review and Judge Gallen is one of them. Instructions–a la Maia of the Mortgage Justice Group– for all people who want justice in our foreclosure courts follow. We must contact the judicial review board regarding Gallen by April 14th via email, phone or snail mail (Maia recommends snail mail for greatest impact).


Call any or all of the numbers below:

Script ideas:

>Judge Thomas Gallen is so biased that the bank plaintiff always wins no matter what the law is. Do not reinstate him as a senior judge.


>Judge Thomas Gallen does not abide by the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure. Do not reinstate him as a senior judge.


>Judge Thomas Gallen rules one way for the bank plaintiff and within a few minutes rules completely opposite for the defendant on the same issue. Do not reinstate him as a senior judge.


send to: John A. Tomassio, Clerk, Florida Supreme Court, 500 South Duval Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399

AND CALL Review board Judges:

Judge Joseph Lewis, Jr. Chair 850-717-8199

Judge Craig C. Villanti, Chair 813-272-3430

Judge Frank A. Shepard, Chair 305-229-3200

Judge Dorian K. Damoorgian, Chair 561-242-2033

Vincent G. Torpy, Jr. Chair 386-947-1523





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