Where are the People?

We need to take back our courts (as Garfield here so clearly pointed out). Protest the March, 2014 McCutcheon Supreme Court decision, which gives individuals the ability to donate huge amounts to candidates and basically to “buy” elections. Make sure Florida foreclosure courts are not filled with biased judges like Gallen, who is a senior judge in the 12th district currently up for review…(see article above this one). Meet with Occupy at Siesta Key beach on April 13th to educate people about the foreclosure crisis, to organize and to discuss upcoming actions.

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We the People: Is the Constitution Relevant Anymore?

When each state made the irrevocable choice to join the United States of America, they agreed that the law of their land would be governed by the supreme law of The Constitution of the United States. Political disputes arise as to the meaning of a word, phrase and provision of the Constitution — but the deal is that the citizen of every state becomes a citizen of the United States, subject to the Constitution. A loosely aligned group of states had been tried. It didn’t work. So they got together again — all sides of the political spectrum and wrote the Constitution “in Order to form a more perfect Union.”

The “preamble” to the Constitution says it all about why it was written and what purposes were to be served by writing it. Ben Franklin told a woman when exiting Constitutional Hall”…

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Occupy Will Meet at Siesta Ahead of the Drum Circle April 13th

Occupy Our Homes Manasota will be having a potluck and assembly at 5 pm on Sunday, April 13th at Siesta Key Beach. We will meet at the stage on the south end of the beach (at the picnic tables near there). Please bring whatever vegetarian and/or vegan dish you would like. We will celebrate the new recent justice toward homeowners being shown by Sarasota foreclosure courts and discuss upcoming campaigns and actions. We will distribute information regarding the foreclosure crisis to beach-goers and enlist them to help us get Judge Gallen removed. Please join us at 5 pm Sunday, April 13th!


A week from tomorrow, a group of local housing justice and occupy activitsts will be meeting at a local bank, location to be left secret for now, in order to protest a shocking fact: big bank executives made $91 billion in year end bonuses this past year, while they were responsible for making millions of innocent people homeless. Even more heinous, they are foreclosing on these innocent people, most of whom are single mom familites, women, the elderly and disabled, ILLEGALLY. The loans were often predatory and illegal from the outset. And the banks do not have the proper paperwork. Finally, many of the executives responsible for both the predatory lending and the foreclosures are profiting illegally through investing against the loans’ success, a crime which is similar to “insider trading”. Yet they are not being prosecuted. Instead they are receiving record year end bonuses. Join us to express our rage on the 31st at our peaceful protest! (Stay tuned for details.)

The Spirit of Giving, Capitalism and the HousingJustice Movement

It is Christmas time, a time of year that we think about giving unselfishly to others, about being compassionate, and about giving Christmas presents to one another without thought of return—the “Spirit of Giving”. Could it be that this spirit of giving reflects a deeper need in us to give freely, a need which is—during the rest of the year–daily thwarted by our need to make money and participate in our capitalistic, self-aggrandizing economic system? And if this is true, then why do we not consider changing our economic system to one based on morality and the spirit of giving?

The Pope recently spoke about the reasons humanity ought to rethink how we get our needs met, suggesting that the capitalistic economic system is a human-made, not God- or Mother-Nature-made  system.  He suggested that we are leaving our natural love of others and natural desire to save our natural world behind in our desire to make money. As a system that was created by humans eons ago, it is a system that we can now perhaps recognize is outgrown. It is a system which we can tear down and replace, just we have replaced the system of monarchy in Europe by a better human-made system of democracy. We have the power.

In his recent speech, the Pope suggested that humanity put the solutions to the problems caused by poverty and environmental degradation above capitalistic endeavors– to put morality above monetary gain. In the case of our society, only about 1% of Americans are actually gaining monetarily (to a tune of a 30% increase over the past year, compared to about .05% for the other 99%). Too many others are losing their jobs or homes and slipping into poverty.

The abuses of capitalism become glaringly apparent in situations when human rights are violated on a massive scale, such as in wars for oil, large-scale starvation or the current housing crisis in the United States. In the current crisis, we are finding that millions of families are losing their homes while millions of homes are being left vacant. And this traumatic situation is based on recent banking practices such as massive lending and securities fraud which were not only immoral, but also illegal. Yet, we have seen obvious government corruption as these bankers have not been prosecuted for their crimes, but have instead been able to “settle” for approximately $800 billion. In the meantime, they have made 1000 times that ($16 trillion) in profits, and are corrupting our judicial system in Florida by pushing through illegal foreclosures.

As a single mom facing illegal bank foreclosure, I can attest to the fact that fearing being foreclosed upon at Christmastime is horrendous. This holiday season, let us all remember those who are losing their homes—homes that they have often more than paid for. I can suggest that one simple thing everyone can do to support people who are losing their homes is to join the housing justice movement. Join Occupy Our Homes (occupyourhomes.org), Occupy Our Homes Manasota, or other housing justice groups forming locally, statewide and nationally to fight back against morally-corrupt bank takeovers of innocent people’s homes–and of our communities.

Occupy Hosts Anti-Foreclosure Holiday Block Party

Occupy Hosts Anti-Foreclosure Holiday Block Party.

Occupy Hosts Anti-Foreclosure Holiday Block Party


This Saturday, December 7th at 4 pm Occupy Our Homes Manasota and WHOA will host an Anti-Foreclosure Holiday Block Party for Ridgewood Estates area. It will be in the front yards of Stokes Drive, Sarasota, homes (an area with a high foreclosure rate) and centered at 3624 Stokes Dr. Sarasota, FL (Colette Ann Marquis’ home; see pic above) and will include holiday anti-foreclosure banner-making, an Occupy Our Homes meeting open to all, a few satirical Xmas carols, and, at sundown, a candlelight vigil  for Colette Ann Marquis’ home and others in the area facing foreclosure. ALL ARE WELCOME.